Town & Country Bespoke Steel Buildings is one of the leading suppliers of premium steel buildings offering flexibility, economy and durability that cannot be matched by traditional building methods.

All our materials are sourced right here in the UK from UK Companies which allows us to supply your structure faster with minimum delay and they are designed to allow for simple, fast erection at a fraction of the time that it would take for a more traditional structure. Expansion to existing buildings is simple and easy so that your changing needs and requirements can be quickly accommodated.

Another major benefit of a Town & Country Bespoke Steel Building is that we are able to achieve much greater height and longer spans than conventional systems. Mezzanine floors and viewing balconies can also be incorporated to give a much greater floor area for productive use. Flexibility in the siting of doors, windows, roof lights, etc also add to the many benefits when selecting a Town & Country Building.

Our aim is to make the entire process as easy as possible by offering first class support throughout the entire building process from building control and planning to colour schemes for your projects. Our dedicated team will be there at all times to help you through the project.

The aim of Town & Country is to ensure that the building YOU receive gives YOU complete satisfaction and full value for money.