Create on Screen.

Using our unique PC laptop software our designers will create on screen the building you envisage - you determine the size, shape, floors, doors, windows, skylights, etc then watch us build your design on screen, both as a detailed plan and 3-D image.

  • Designed to exact measurements provided by the customer
  • A huge selection of roller doors positioned anywhere in the building
  • PA Doors, almost any location on the building
  • Windows anywhere on the building
  • Optional anti condensation barrier applied to the roof
  • A range of single skin cladding profiles to choose from in either polyester or plastisol finishes
  • Double skin composite panels ranging from 40-100mm thick in plastisol finish
  • Skylights in the roof
  • Garaports to the front and/or back of the buildings
  • Lean-to's to the left and/or right side of the buildings
  • Internal partition walls
  • Mezzanine floors at almost any height
  • Custom designed staircases
  • Structural calculations and foundation plans provided

Design flexibility

Town & Country buildings are constructed using the portal frame methodology. The steel used is cold rolled steel which is high tensile and very durable. It is very strong, inexpensive and easy to erect. Small sections can span long distances which cuts costs and allows for innovative construction.